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Cloud-Based Minute Books

The essential software solution for legal professionals. Bring them all together by centralizing your team and client documents in one place. MinuteBooks by Consentia provides all the convenience to securely manage minute books quicker, simpler, and remotely. 

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Discover All You Can Do with MinuteBooks 

Discover All You Can Do with MinuteBooks 

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online minute book

Manage Securely and Trust Your Information is Being Protected.

Designed with confidentiality and security in mind. Our advanced security applications are implemented with leading defense protocols including Transport Layer Security (TLS), Internal Application Encryption, AES-256 Encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication, Permissions and Access Control.

Simply put, it’s completely secure.

Searchable Convenience.

Forget storage rooms and physical binders.  With your legal records in the cloud, they are easily retrievable with a quick click leveraging keyword searching for a faster workflow to view, share, and edit documents.

Optimal Shareability.

Say goodbye to couriers and hauling of physical minute books. Securely share digitized documents with your firm and clients with expedited convenience and reclaim on the costs and time of physically moving them.

Access Remotely. Be Anywhere, Anytime.

Stay connected to your firm and documents. Storing and maintaining your minute books in the cloud means absolute flexibility and simplicity to work from anywhere at anytime – and across any mobile device.

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Starting at $49 Per Minute Book Per Year

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  • Up to 25 users per account

  • User permissions and management

  • Full-scale managing and editing of firm details

  • Complete digital migration of legal documents performed by MinuteBooks team

  • Dedicated support specialist

  • Remote accessibility and managing of all documents

  • End-to-end encryption security features

  • Secure audit log and reporting

  • Quick preview of documents

  • Quick search and retrieval of documents

  • Shareable documents with high-level security features

  • Generate archive sheets (bulk scanning)

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