One Platform for Many Possibilities.

One Platform for Many Possibilities.

With every bit of consideration in mind to improve the way minute books should be managed.

Ready to see it for yourself? 

Designed for legal professionals and for just what they need.

Designed for legal professionals and for just what they need.

Discover the advantages with our MinuteBooks platform that is solving for pains such as accessibility and delivery methods. Managing your legal entities should be a simple task and MinuteBooks by Consentia does exactly just that. 

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Cloud Management Access 

A single, centralized platform to bring everyone and everything together in one place to access and manage from anywhere, at anytime.


Send, receive and share documents securely with your team and clients for expedited convenience and simultaneous access.

Flexible Migration

Digital migration of all your corporate records fulfilled by the MinuteBooks team at our own secure center.

Limitless Storage

Reclaim storage space and rid away physical handling of minute books with limitless digital capacity as your firm continues to scale.

Secure Audit Logs

Maintain an absolute sense of trust and security knowing who and when edits or changes are made to all MinuteBooks documents.

Searchable Documents

Retrieve and find exactly the right documents needed with keyword searching for a much simpler and faster workflow.


End-to-end advanced encryption and permission controls to protect your records and critical information.

Manage Firm and Team

Manage records and details of both firm and clients easily and more conveniently with digital storage and access.

Environmental Impact

Go green and reduce your firm’s carbon footprint by evolving away from paper dependency to working digital.

Simple User Interface

A simple design and straightforward platform to accommodate the most user-friendly interface for any legal professional.

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