Digital minute books is the software application for legal firms to successfully work remotely

Law firms have long struggled to maintain these giant tomes. Of course they’re full of essential legal information which also means that minute books are heavy, bulky, and a nuisance to carry around. In fact, we can’t think of any advantage of lugging around physical minute books… unless you want to build muscle while at work?

Now that many law firms have shifted to remote work with much of their staff working from home, the dependence on physical minute books makes even less sense. Making employees, especially our paralegals, drag these books to and from the office just isn’t ideal. Nor is getting a phone call from a co-worker who urgently needs the same minute book. Nor is needing physical signatures from clients you now have virtual meetings with.

The migration to working remotely has, however, raised a major question in how these firms can continue operations without disrupting workflows. The lack of technology or having awareness of technologies that exist is a factor. Applications in managing minute books remotely do exist. Lockdowns or no lockdowns, digital minute books revolutionizing a newer, better, simpler way to work remotely. 

The new way

Digital minute books can completely transform your company workflow. With all key documents stored in the cloud – including filings, agreements, by-laws, etc. – you can do more. A lot more. 

For example, digital legal records can speed up productivity across the board. Key features include:

  • Auto-reminders: track deadlines and tasks with alerts for the right staff members. 
  • Annual maintenance: identify filing requirements and due dates of upcoming deliverables. 
  • Automated reporting: get easy-pull reports of company filings and payments. 
  • Easy drafting with auto-fill feature: automatically populate digital legal records with company information.
  • Real-time collaboration: get multiple users access to the same paperwork for easy collaboration. 
  • Easy searching: easily search digital legal records for key information. 
  • Global access: get clients and employees access to digital legal records from anywhere, increasing convenience. 
  • Client satisfaction: your legal clients will enjoy the convenience of being able to access their records anytime, anywhere. 
  • Security: secure, encrypted information backed up on the cloud; physical handling and managing of minute books have seen its fair share of wear and tear along with missing documents

Final takeaway

Remote work within the legal industry is showing signs that this isn’t just a trend but a real future. Whether it is only a partial of the legal team working remotely or an all-out remote workforce of paralegals and clerks, having the right technologies and applications in place will be critical in ensuring workflows keep moving.

Digital minute books are truly revolutionizing workflows along with being that extra client feature helping to make you stand out from the competition. But the biggest win with digital minute books is that it is boosting your staff’s productivity through efficiency, so they can focus on the important stuff instead of locating minute books and hauling them around town. 

Are you ready to join the digital minutes books revolution? Our MinuteBooks team is ready to provide additional information or guide you through with a DEMO. Learn more here.