Working off cloud-based minute books have a myriad of features to choose from. With improving productivity frequently a top-of-mind issue for organizations it shouldn’t be a surprise that features that focus on productivity is essential to new software tools. And when it comes to managing minute books, and taking advantage of cloud-based minute books software, one of these great perks for boosting productivity is the e-filing feature. 

E-filing removes the hassle of getting signatures, filling out forms and sending them on time. Instead, e-filing seamlessly lets you prepare and send forms from one digital home. 

Let’s go over how cloud-based minute books can be a true e-filing heaven.

1. Avoid late filing with internal reminders

Cloud-based minute book software works wonders for on-time filing. That’s because the system comes with internal reminders for documents. With these alerts, you’re sure to get everything in on time along with frequent reminders being sent to ensure all required parties sign or approve the needed actions.

2. Access up-to-date library of all your legal entities and auto-populate them

Revisions made by your firm’s team mean you are now able to view the most recent and updated document with cloud-based minute books. You can select the right form and then auto-populate it with information making the process of preparing files just that much simpler.

3. Consult past filings for reference in one click 

With cloud-based legal records, you’ve got everything in a single location that is searchable, indexed, and organized. This makes it easy to go back and check past filings for your clients. Having this information at your fingertips can make filing even quicker for anyone working with these documents–your paralegals will thank you!

4. Easily capture required signatures online 

E-signatures have become a convenient way, and paving a way for how we sign in the future, to get approval on forms from clients that may be based all over the world. Instead of dealing with sending documents, you can get a signature within the software itself.  

5. Set up custom workflows as needed

Finally, the beauty of minute book software is that you can set up custom workflows according to your needs. Depending on the signatures, approvals, edits, etc. you need, you can create your ideal workflow within the software. 

As you use electronic minute books, you’ll find they can significantly improve your workplace efficiency. Of course, with the common knowledge in this industry we know it is our hardworking paralegals that would benefit this the most. Happy paralegals mean simpler retrieval, right?—OK, that was a little cheesy, but it sure does make it an e-filing heaven for anyone using cloud-based minute books. 

Want to go to e-filing heaven? Contact our team about our minute book software.