5 steps to train your law firm's employees with the electronic minute books software

Switching to an electronic minute book software will change your life – and your law firm. It’s the sort of tool that saves your team oodles of time, while also boosting productivity through new features. 

While the minute book software is amazing, getting the hang of it isn’t automatic. To make the most of it, and to truly enjoy the benefits of the software, you’ll need to prepare for training your team on how to use it.

Let’s go over five key steps so that your law firm passes minute book onboarding with flying colors. 

1. Like any new tool, set up onboarding sessions

Onboarding for any new tool is essential. In fact, 55% of people say they’ve returned a product because they didn’t understand how to use it. This shows that learning how an electronic minute book software works is a key first step. You’ll want to work closely with your software provider to set this up and ensure they offer full training along with support. 

2. Assign employees daily tasks using minute book software

After onboarding your employees on the corporate minute book software, you’ll need to make sure they’re trying to use it for daily work. Assign your team the usual tasks they would perform – but now using the electronic software. It’s a good test for how well they’re getting used to it and even improving their productivity.

3. Schedule follow-up meeting to capture employee questions

In case of any hiccups, you’ll want to schedule a follow-up meeting. This is a good opportunity for employees to talk about any questions or problems they had using the electronic minute book software. It’s also a nice moment to walk through any tasks they couldn’t figure out on their own. 

4. Make the most of new features too

Don’t just stick with what you know. It’s important that your team takes advantage of all and new features too. Send a weekly email highlighting a feature they should try out, or assign a test task using a new feature; alternatively, you can subscribe to your software provider’s mailing list to stay updated with new features and news. Employees will get excited about these new capabilities and understand how to use them too. 

5. Get follow-up support as needed

If your team still has problems, it’s time to get follow-up support from your software provider. Set up a follow-up training session and come in with a list of questions. 

Utilizing the electronic minute book software should make your life way easier – and it’s intuitive to learn! However, for smooth sailing, we recommend you set a training schedule so that your law firm is confident about how to use and make the most of this awesome new tool. 

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